Sunday, March 30, 2008

34 weeks

We are 34 weeks pregnant. The belly is expanding at a rapid pace and babygirl is getting bigger and heavier. She can't roll around anymore, instead she has large shifting movements and then tiny little movements as she gets comfortable. I am still pretty hungry most of the time. I have only one major craving.....a real Diet Coke (not the caffeine free stuff). I want it all the time. I allow myself a couple a week, but I try not to have it every day. A few other tidbits....I snore and I keep M up, I roll over and wake M up, and I have Symphysis pubis dysfunction.

We went to Child-Birth Class on Saturday for six hours. I did not enjoy it at all for a variety of reasons:

1. As educators we are quick to see through bad teaching and at points...there was bad teaching.

2. We had to watch a placenta with the sac come out of a woman. I almost threw up. It was the grossest thing I have ever seen, and the thought that a huge balloon has to come out of me is just hard. Now, I know that billions of women have given birth and I will be fine and there is nothing wrong with the birth process..etc...etc...etc..., but yuck.

3. We giggled the entire time we were practicing changing "comfort positions" and role-playing being in labor.

4. I learned that labor takes a long time. Longer than I thought.

5. I was freaked out, but I will recover....right?

This week is spring break. M will be painting the babygirl's room and the mudroom. I will be going to work and building up more days for my leave. I will be home for about 18 weeks and M will be home for about 16 months. We are very happy with our decision for M to stay home. She is going to be a great stay at home mom.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Because it is Good Friday we did not have school today. We probably wouldn't have had school anyways due to another winter storm. Yes, I said winter storm. I am guessing we got 8 inches of snow today. It is truly unreal. The snow had almost melted and now this....I really hope this is the end of it.

We had our 33 week doctor's appointment this morning. Things are going very well. Measuring right, weight is fine, she answered a ton of our questions, and we heard a strong heartbeat. We also found out where she is laying, so when we watch the babygirl show we know what we are seeing now. She is already head down and trying to feel her way out. We go back in two weeks.

After school on Thursday we had a baby shower with some of our teacher friends. It was excellent and overwhelming. Everyone was so sweet and giving. There was also a two week old babygirl there and M held her forever and did a great job. She is going to be an amazing mother.

We are thankful for the three day break. School has been kicking our asses. We have a four day week next week and then SPRING BREAK! Woohoo! I will be working, but it really isn't work if the kids and teachers aren't there. M will have plenty to do at home...paint...paint...paint.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

another busy weekend

We had our Caring for Newborns class yesterday. Both E and I have taken care of nieces and nephews, so some of the information was a refresher...but a welcome refresher anyway. When we take classes of any sort, we usually feel it was time well spent if we learn just a couple things. Doctors have recently changed their advice on umbilical cord care, so that was good to learn. And, neither of us had any idea that babies can't breathe through their mouths. Who knew? My only complaint about the class was that I was consistently referred to as a dad. No offense to dads. The hospital tries to be very accepting by writing significant other in all their literature, but both times we've been there the person in charge has not incorporated it into their speech. After the class I wore out my pregnant wife as we made a run to several stores to return various things we bought or were given. At one store, the clerk called me "sir." I guess it was just one of those days. Finally, while we were in Target, E handed me her girly purse and said, "here maybe this will help with your identity issue today." Then she strolled off the to restroom, again.

Today we did lots of chores around the house. We took out all the baby clothes we have and laid them out in piles according to the size they are, not the size on the label. We wanted to make sure we have enough for when she is born. We learned that we do not have many newborn onesies. I know we won't need a lot because she'll grow out of them quickly, but we literally only have two or three. We still have a couple showers coming up, so we'll see if we get any little clothes and if not we'll buy a couple more before the baby gets here. We put a bookshelf from another room into the nursery for the books the baby has been rapidly accumulating. Then, we put all the clothes into the dresser in piles by size. Very cute.

E is an awesome mom already. She eats well, gets plenty of rest and now that the snow has melted off the sidewalks, she can walk the dog with me. It's great to be out in the fresh air together. BabyGirl continues to excel in her Pilates and kickboxing classes inside E.


Friday, March 14, 2008

The weekend

Well, it has been a long week at school for the both of us. We both made it through it, but barely. We are very thankful for this weekend. We have our "Caring for Newborn" class tomorrow and after that we plan to run errands and enjoy our weekend of nothing else to do.

Our sweet babygirl is very entertaining to have around. She puts on a show each night after dinner. We lay on the couch and watch my belly move, dance, and poke out in wild directions. It is very fun. She also puts on this show in the middle of the night, which cause me to wake up. Some nights I just lay there and enjoy the show, sometimes I wake M up to feel her, and sometimes I am just exhausted and I hope she goes back to sleep ASAP.

And, I am proud to report that the snow is actually melting. We have rivers of water flowing through our neighborhood as the snow melts. We can actually see most of our backyard again. It is lovely to see grass again.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Two Topics

1. The Washing Machine

Did you ever wonder what the inside of a washing machine actually looked like? Well, on Sunday we got to find out. M had started a load of laundry and then left to walk the dog. When she returned she thought the washer was done, but when she opened the lid all I heard was, "Why has the washer stopped? It's still full of water." I went into the laundry room and sure enough the washer was full of water and clothes, and it had stopped right before the drain and spin cycle. We played around with the knob, tried different settings, and said a few curse words. Then, almost at the same time, we said, "Time to ask Google." What did we do before the wonderful world of Google? So, we Googled it and found out the safety device had probably broken - you know that little opening that says the door is closed and it is now safe to spin. M read online a little and I got the screwdriver and the next thing you know our washer looked like this....

We found the device, used some duct-tape (if you can't duct it...), and put it back together. It worked like a charm. Problem solved. We did order the part online and will replace it when it arrives later this week. The part cost $26.00. I love having a brave and resourceful wife.

2. Yes, we are just having one child.

I actually had someone ask me if we were planning on having more children. I haven't finished cooking baby #1 and they are already asking about baby #2. The answer is clear -- no. Just one baby for us and here are some reasons why:

a. Neither one of us are spring chickens.

b. We like to make and save money - a lot. It is like a game to us. How much can we save? How much can we make? If we move this account here we can make .25 percent more. How many months until we reach our next goal? About twice a month we sit down and review all of our money, and we make ourselves feel good. I think we do this because we have both been in places were we didn't have any money and we don't want to be there again.

c. Trying to conceive is one of the most stressful things I have ever done. The cycles of two weeks and then two more weeks, the peeing on sticks, the constant pressure, the need to leave work at a moment's notice, and the expense. We were so lucky that it only took us six months but those were a long six months, and I can only give major props to those whose struggle for years. They are strong people who deserve respect.

d. We're not concerned about only having one because we both have loving, awesome families who support us and will support our babygirl and make sure that she never feels alone in this world.

e. Did I mention we weren't spring chickens?


P.S. 31 weeks and I feel good. My back aches daily, but nothing too severe. My clothes are getting tighter (that sucks) and I toss and turn at night, but overall -- I still feel good. 7 weeks till she is fully cooked, and 11 weeks is the longest I will remain pregnant.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

so lucky

Our very funny and sweet shower cake.

We had another shower today given by two of our friends. It was attended by an eclectic mix of friends and coworkers, my bowling team and book club. There were women from their late 20s to their early 60s, and even E's male coworker. We had a great time. Food. Drink. Game. Laughter. Conversation. And many wonderful gifts. Some were very practical...medicine set and comb/brush set...some were very sweet...a handmade hat, sweater, and booties...some very funny...a tshirt with a pacifier that says "Pacifist." People were kind and generous.

I think more important than the gifts themselves was the outpouring of love. All of these people from different backgrounds and times gathering together to wish us well and help us get started. I hope that we give BabyGirl all that love and security and happiness. And, I hope we teach her to build the relationships we have built, so she feels that love her whole life.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

30 weeks

Yup -- 30 weeks down and 10 more to go. Babygirl will be fully cooked in 8 weeks, but she will arrive when she is ready. The heartburn has calmed down...thank goodness. Overall, I still feel good, but it is starting to get more uncomfortable...not unbearable, but it is just harder to move around and do things. I am thinking it might get even harder over the next few weeks as well. I am also getting tired more quickly than before and some food grosses me out again...what is old is new again...

We did have a lovely weekend. We went to the movies on Saturday and saw Juno, which we both gave 2 thumbs up. We, of course, went to Target -- it is a requirement that if you live in the suburbs you must go to Target each weekend...right? I finished my mammoth book (The Pillars of the Earth) and I give it two thumbs up. It isn't a masterpiece, it isn't great historical fiction, it isn't written in moving prose, but it is a damn good story that keeps your heart racing and your emotions in high gear. Today we went to the book store and I got his next book -- World without is just as long and only in hardback...poor babygirl isn't going to like that on her at night. Let the kicking fits begin.


P.S. It was 45 degrees here felt like summer...we can make it through this winter....we can make it through this winter....we can make it through this winter....we can make it through this winter....we can make it through this winter....we can make it through this winter....we can make it through this winter....