Sunday, November 30, 2008


I adore Thanksgiving. It is one of the first holidays I got to spend with M. Our Thanksgiving's are filled with tons of great memories.

* 1st year. I had never met any of her family. We were hosting. She said we would have about 10 people. We weren't even living together just dating. It felt like everyday she came home and said, so-an-so called they are coming, too. When the number finally hit 21, my only response was "I am gonna need to buy more napkins." 21 people. All family. I was not the first girl M had brought home either. I was terrified, but it turned out great. We have spent every Thanksgiving since with her family, and I am not longer terrified. It is starting to feel like home. I really love it when my mom can join us, too.

* The herbs. Every year M searches the stores for my perfect mix of herbs. She calls, she hunts, she drives, and finds them every year. It is very sweet.

* Our first Thanksgiving with EG went great. She was a doll. She laughed and played with everyone. She got to play with her cousins and seemed to enjoy herself. We had a cute outfit for her that she never even put on. We thought she would take a nap and then we would dress her. However, she refused to nap -- way too much to see and do.

* My brilliant SAH Mom wife. EG refused to nap on Thanksgiving which caused a very cranky baby on Friday. So, M put EG on the "newborn" schedule. EG had to nap every 1.5 hours. It was hard, but it TOTALLY worked. Saturday was better and today EG has been a blast. Totally laughing and talking and playing. The child really can't miss a nap, but SAH Mom to the rescue.

* I am thankful for our healthy child, a hottie wife, a loving family, and a great job with excellent benefits.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two teeth

We finally got a picture of EG's two teeth. It took almost 1 month to get this shot.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Working It Out

It is quite hard to type this blog when my daughter is pulling on the cord and moving the entire computer every 30 seconds. I have moved her away from the cord, but there is no hope. I look down every few seconds to make sure she hasn't put it in her mouth or wrapped it around her neck. She is just swinging it like a jumping rope. It is also about four feet from a blanket full of toys. Okay. I have had enough. I pulled her on the couch with me. She will have to sit next to me and play.

Prior to EG, M and I both worked out regularly. We would stay after school and use the school's treadmills during the winter and we biked in the summers. When we got pregnant (over a year ago) that all changed. As you know, the first trimester is basically a coma. Between working full time, getting ready for the baby, shoveling 100+ inches of snow, and having a jobs where we walk multiple times a day we kinda let it go. But that is changing.

Work out after school? No, I want to get home as fast as possible to see my girls, and M can't bring EG up to school everyday.

Join a gym? Would love to join a gym for the spinning classes, but again too much time away from home and the gym is 15 minutes away.

Buy a treadmill? Will it become a clothes rack? Would we actually use it? Have you seen how much those things cost?

We bought a treadmill. We actually bought two treadmills. We went to a local department store, tried them out, did our consumer research and bought a huge, mega, fancy treadmill. They came to deliver it, and it wouldn't fit down the basement stairs. Damn.

We returned treadmill #1. Worried that we would never get a treadmill downstairs which would condemn us to a life of flab, we kept looking, researching, and trying other treadmills. We found another. They came to deliver it and thankfully it fit down the stairs. When M called me and told me it fit and we have a treadmill, I said, "I feel thinner already." We put it together the other night while EG watched from her pack 'n'' play. So, now we have it.

We'll see if we use it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I see it, so I must....

EG's memory is still not fully formed. If she can't see, it then it does not exist to her. However, when she sees something, she remembers what to do with it or how to get it. She is obsessed with the door stops, heating vents, electrical cords of any variety, and all the dog toys. If she sees any of the above, she kicks it into high gear and cruises to attack the object.

We have a stethoscope and blood pressure thingy that was part of a Halloween costume one year. She found it in a cabinet and every morning if the cabinet is open (and it usually is because that is where my hair dryer lives) she crawls to the cabinet - army-man style and starts chewing on all of it...we have proof.


Friday, November 14, 2008

6 months

Today is EG's six month birthday. We went to the doctor this morning for the checkup and shots. She is 27" long and weighs 18 lbs. 13 oz. Perfect. In the 90th percentiles but perfect.

Here are her accomplishments to date:
*Rolls anywhere and everywhere
*Can grab things faster than I can see them
*Is obsessed with playing with cords...this should work out well.
*Does the army man crawl quite well
*Is eating lots of fruits and veggies but still has an affinity for avocado
*Has a strained relationship with the dog
*Steals the dog's toys, hence the strained relationship
*Babbles about everything and nothing
*Tolerates her carseat much better
*Can sit up independently, but really prefers rolling and crawling
*Puts toys inside other fish in the aquarium
*Usually sleeps through the night except for one feeding
*Has two teeth
*Is growing hair...although most people still say she's bald
*Looks when you say her name
*Knows who her mommas are
*Stranger anxiety is significantly reduced...especially for blonds
*Never sits still

We are having a great time with her. She is more than we dared to hope for.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh, the little things

"EG is so flipping cute." I bet we say that 100 times a day.

She is so fun just to watch. She is starting to army-man crawl and she can roll from one end of the house to the other. She loves a wide open space to roll and roll and roll. She enjoys playing with the heating vents and using her feet as hands. She likes to play with strings/yarn and is constantly looking for shoes to put in her mouth. EG also has an affinity for the dog toys and dog blankets. If she is quiet then she has a dog toy and is trying to lay low. She is starting to put things inside of other things. She has a little people school bus and is puts the people in the bus....okay...she put one little person in the bus, but at least she did it.

The dog wants nothing to do with her. The dog really doesn't like sharing her toys with EG at all.

EG wants nothing to do with solid food. She will begrudgingly eat avocados and oatmeal, but really that is it. We have tried all sorts of food, but she just isn't that into it yet.

Sleep. The ongoing saga. At the beginning of October she started to wake up all the time at night. It got to the point where M would take EG to the guest room to sleep. After weeks of reading, discussing, and observing we decided to do it. To let EG cry it out (CIO). We started last Thursday and it hasn't been that bad. The first night was hell. We used the Ferber method which meant we could go in and soothe her every 5 or so minutes, which seem to help. She was sound asleep in 20 minutes. We have had to do it on and off, but most nights she doesn't cry at all and sleep 9 - 11 hours with one waking for feeding. M is doing a great job of keeping track of EG's progress to make sure it is working.

She is also making great noises now. She giggles, squeals, blows lots of raspberries, makes the ahhhh sound, and grrrr's.

Her hair is actually starting to grow as well. She is still a little baldy, but it is starting to get thicker, which is a good thing with winter coming.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin brought EG her first tooth. She cut it yesterday and is working on tooth number two today. Two teeth in two days. She won't let us get near it with a camera....