Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear Miss Austin, Loyal Blog Reader

Yes, we have been tardy in our blogging lately. April seemed to fly right past us. I can't believe that tomorrow is May.

EG was sick, again. Second ear infection and then a reaction to the meds caused some drama at our house last week. She switched meds and seemed to heal quickly. She is now back on schedule and doing great!

Her first birthday is just 2 weeks away...amazing. One full year with her. This time last year I was as big as a house lying on the couch watching my belly, and M was so bored she was vacuuming the basement.

EG has some new skills that M has focused on over the past few days...
1. She now goes to her high chair when she is hungry.
2. She can climb down the stairs on her belly (thanks to M doing some guided practiced today).
3. She tries to "go potty" after each nap. She rarely does, but she thinks it is fun.
4. She knows when we hand her a bottle it is time for nap and she carries the bottle upstairs.

These four things have come together in the last week. She is learning so fast now. She is able to follow 1-step directions like, "bring me the ball" or "go find Summitt (the dog)."

So, there is the quick update. We hope to post more later.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This is a VERY long video made for our families. Enjoy.


Sunday, April 5, 2009


First major illness

We haven't posted in forever because we are just recovering from EG being sick for the first time. Here is the play-by-play...

Sunday: Wouldn't sleep at night. The only sleep we got was all of us in the big bed together.
Monday: Better, tired, but had a hard time sleep that night too.
Tuesday: Fever. Fever. Fever. Calls to nurse lines and doctors. No sleeping.
Wednesday: Fever. Doctor's appointment. Raging right ear infection. Pink medicine.
Thursday: Fever. Some improvement.
Friday: A little better. Still struggling to sleep. Second cold is full force.
Saturday - Wednesday: getting better. sleeping is a struggle and eating is totally optional.
Thursday: much better. slow eating. cries for a little during the night, but sleeps by herself.
Friday: sleeping through the night again.
Saturday: Decided to make her bottles cold - she is now sucking them down. Sleeps through the night. Done with the pink medicine (all thirty doses).

It was a very, very long two weeks. It throws the entire family off. It also reminds you how precious sleep and routine are to everyone in the house.

Coming soon....see our little walker