Monday, August 17, 2009


I have uploaded a video of EG repeating her "words". She is consistent in her answers even if they aren't correct. Water is "lala" -- it just is. These aren't all of her words, but a large portion were caught on tape.

We had her 15 month appointment. She is 32 inches tall, 25 pounds, and has a head in 75 percentile. She was great, but a little shy with the doctor. She also got 2 shots and one finger prick.

Here is the interesting part. They give you the Denver Scale to ensure your child is developing on schedule. It measures social skills, self care, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. We run through them..... proud parents until.....

Does your child say 3 or more words? Of course
Does your child walk backwards? YES
Can your child run across the room without falling? YES
Does your child recognize people besides immediate family members? Of course
Can your child use a spoon without help? Nope

Can your child stack 3 or more blocks/items?

What? Blocks? We are supposed to count blocks? I didn't know that? How was I supposed to know I was suppose to count blocks? What does it mean if she can't stack the blocks? I look at M and say, "Can she do that?" M also has no idea. Neither of us can remember. We are obviously bad parents because we aren't counting the BLOCKS!!!

Then....Sunday comes. We are making dinner. EG does this with no encouragement from us. I sat there talking away and then I realized what she was doing. She was stacking. See below....

So, yes, she can stack three or more items. I swear I wanted to call the doctor and tell her, "I'd like to make correction on the Denver Scale. She can stack 3 or more blocks/items. Does that increase her grade? or our grade?

It's hard to live with two teachers....