Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the kid can't catch a break...and neither can her momma

It has been a tough week for little EG.

First, she is teething. She is always teething (has 6 already) and it is never easy for her. It causes disrupted sleep, poor eating and lots and lots of drool and finger chewing. She has her first incisors on the bottom and next she was supposed to get the teeth next to them, also incisors. But, I swear to you she has skipped them and is working on the canines. (I don't know any of this without looking at a tooth development chart.)

Teething and drooling leads to diaper rash. On Monday evening, we were playing before bed and she started to cry and throw what looked like a tantrum. E and I looked at each other like "This is fun. What is this??" We decided it was bedtime. When I picked up EG she started really crying and I realized her little butt hurt. When we changed her diaper, she had the reddest, angriest diaper rash yet. Poor kid. She got herself so worked up that after E fed her part of a bottle about 20 minutes later, she threw up all over E, herself and the chair. It was the first time it's happened to her and she was scared...which led to more crying.

Tuesday she was clingy and needed lots of "derriere to the air" time.

Today she woke up with her worst cold yet...sneezing, obvious congestion, a little coughing. Combined with the teething, she is just a faucet...and she's still trying to get rid of the diaper rash.

Poor kid....we still have Thursday and Friday to go.


Update: So, in addition to getting thrown up on earlier this week, E had a tough time tonight while I was out for a while. EG was getting some time with her behind to the wind, when she pooped on the kitchen floor. E put EG in the sink to clean her up while trying to keep the dog out of the way. EG reached over and grabbed a glass and dropped it in the sink, breaking it. It's been a tough week for both my girls.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The weather is breaking. It is a miracle. In the depths of winter you never believe that this weekend will ever arrive, but it did. We are in the 50's. When I grew up in the South, the 50's were sweater and fire weather, however I now live in the upper mid-west and the 50's are flip-flop summertime.

Because the weather has been so great it has been a big weekend for EG. We started our weekend at the local canoe and bike show. We met up with our friend L. EG was great with L and didn't seem to mind being toted around the arena. She took a stroll for the first time in her Burley. She went down the slide at the park for the first time. She got her first bike helmet that we will break in the afternoon and we got her first pair of shoes.

She is walking across rooms now. She is still a little unsteady, but she is doing it. We went to the park yesterday and realize the child needs some shoes, so today we went to StrideRite and got her first fitted pair of shoes. She put her little foot on the measuring device and the sales lady said, "What a fat little foot. She is a 4.5 extra-wide." Let's just say she doesn't have the feet for ballet.....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Video and Pic

A few points before the video

1. If you needed another reason that spring should hurry up......EG has spent the winter wearing fleece one-piece outfits. I am very tired of seeing her in the same ones day after day.

2. The fake cough. Anytime some coughs, sneezes, or burps EG gives a fake cough. She thinks it is funny. It cracks us up as well.

3. She has a new noise (see video). She makes this noise all day long. Tonight, I swear she did it for 20 minutes straight as she pushed her choochoo around.

4. We went and visited EG's three cousins. It was very fun. EG was great, but had to sleep with us, which was an adventure. She ended up sleeping on M's chest most of the night.