Friday, July 31, 2009

We had to take a picture

Before I begin this story, I need people to know that I am not a "buy the kid everything" type of person. I really can't stand all the toys. We have the cheap baby pool for the summer, a sandbox, lots of age-appropriate toys, and we have our fair share of baby stuff around. However, when EG goes to bed everything goes in a tasteful, beautiful, handcrafted by M's Dad, wooden toy box. Sitting in our living room at night, you would not know that we had a kid. One of our neighbors has 6 LARGE plastic objects sitting in their backyard (pool, slide, water table, burley, basketball hoop, and a sandbox) for a their daughter who is the same age as EG and we live right next to a BRAND NEW PARK! Back to the picture...

When we registered for our baby gifts we signed up for two strollers. The traditional Graco with the cup holders, storage below, and car-set attachment. We called it the SUV stroller.

We also registered for the cheap umbrella stroller.

When spring rolled around we needed a Burley to use with our bike and as a stroller in cooler weather. She can be completely protected in the Burley and we can take walks down to 30 degrees.

Then her birthday rolled around and a aunt/uncle gave us the "pink car", which EG fell in love with and still loves. It entertains her for hours.

Finally, after a few days at Ninna's house where there was a little red wagon to push and pull around we knew that one was in our future. This week M came home with a perfect Radio Flyer.

One little, sweet, girl who can walk and run has 5 modes of transport. It is actually hard to choose which one when we take a walk.

Burley: cooler or with the bikes
Umbrella: quick trips to stores or quick visits
SUV: MALL and daily, nice weather walks (this one gets the most use)
Pink car: short walks, kite flying (the kite is in the "trunk"), and great for pushing around the yard
Wagon: not sure yet

So, here they are EG's rides... and she loves them all!

Monday, July 27, 2009


EG has her own language - it is out job to try and understand it....

ma-ma = Mom or grandma
papa = grandpa
bye-bye = bye bye
nana = banana, Ninna, and it is an all purpose word
lie = light
sssss = Summitt the dog
paa-paa = up or help
pes = please
lala = water
dado = bottle
bebe = blanket
peep peep = birdie
da = thank you

She also spends a lot of time getting cleaned up.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation 2009

We just returned from our vacation. We went out East to see my mother and family. EG had a great time. She loved all the attention, she stayed on schedule (for the most part), and we actually had a our first night away from her ever! She had a lot of first including going to the beach, going to my mom's property on the water in North Carolina, talking to her great-grandmother, and sleeping in a crib held together with zip-ties....yup zip was actually quite sturdy...