Monday, March 22, 2010

We moved back

We thought we would go to because it allows us to password protect our posts, however wordpress charges you 60 bucks for a video upload....we are way too cheap to pay that so we are back to free blogspot.

EG is doing great. She is 22 months old and talks all day long. We have changed her schedule...FINALLY!!! It only took us 20 months to do it. This is what her day looks like now:

6:30am: wake up
7:15am: breakfast
9:00am: snack
11:00am: lunch
11:30am - 1:30pm: nap
2:00/3:00pm (depends) - snack
5:00 pm: dinner
6:30pm: bath
7:00pm: bedtime

It is so much easier to manage the afternoon without having to rush to get dinner on the table by 4:30 pm

So, what fun has she been having...see below...building forts...discovering Easter fun...figuring out how to reach the cookies...

Thank you for coming back to our blog! Sorry about all the changes!