Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring? Not yet...

I grew up in the South. March should be spring. Easter was the first day of sunbathing season. I think my older sister came to Easter dinner covered in suntan oil for years. However, I now live much farther north -- much farther.

March isn't anywhere near spring. Yes, the snow is melting and it isn't -4 (for the high), but I can still see snow and everything is still very gray and dark. There are hints of change. The sun stays up longer. I can see some gray looking grass. I went to the mall today and didn't even take a coat. The biggest sign of spring is my growing desire to wear flip-flops outside, which I will do around 50 degrees (it used to be 60 degrees was my limit for showing toes, but I have had to lower my standards).

We have also started spring shopping for EG. We spend a lot of time looking for good deals and stocking up for next winter. We are buying a mix of 3T stuff for spring and summer and 4T stuff for next winter -- I got a cream turtleneck 4T for $2.89 at Gymboree today. I love buying her clothes and getting deals on all of them. We really only splurge on shoes. Her feet deserve the best.

We have an Easter dress for EG, but it might not be warm enough. Luckily, Easter is very late this year so we might have a shot at her wearing it.

Here are a few pics for the fans!

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