Sunday, March 20, 2011

The snow is gone

The snow is finally gone out of our yard. There are a few lingering snow banks in the neighborhood, but all of our snow is gone. It is a big day. It means that soon it will dry out and we will reclaim a large part of our home -- our back yard. EG can entertain herself for hours outside. However, she is getting to be a pro at that skill inside as well.

About a month ago we started making a conscious effort to help her learn to play by herself. When we all get home from school, we encourage her to go and play in her "office" or in her kitchen by herself. Some days she plays by herself for an hour and other nights she doesn't make it 10 minutes. It is fun to watch her create fun for herself and to see her imagination grow.

Last weekend, we made St. Patrick's Day cupcakes and Wednesday night she told us that tomorrow is green day at Miss Kaffy's (her daycare). She didn't think she had anything green, but we dug around and found a t-shirt that is too big and a hoodie that is perfect. She fell in love with the hoodie and fought to wear it to nap -- which she lost.

We went and spent the night at Gma and Papa's on Friday -- what fun. Some of EG's cousins were there which made it even more fun. We also get to see Ninna soon...

A few pics: cupcakes, St. Patrick's day outfit (she looked like a boy) and her curls...

E -

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