Sunday, December 19, 2010

Potty Training

When the girl makes up her mind -- it's all done. Here is how it started:

1. Daycare started talking about pull-ups and being a big girl.
2. Bribes: 1 chocolate chip for trying, 2 for peeing, and 3 for the whole deal.
3. Other little girl (who has two older sisters) at daycare started going potty and wearing panties. The other little girl and EG are about two months apart.

EG asked me on the way home one day when we could read books in bed. I told her when she is a big girl and doesn't have to wear diapers we will get her a big bed and we can read books in bed.

We got home and she asked to pee on the potty and wear a pull up. That was about 4 days ago and today she wore panties all day. She even woke up at 1am last night and came to get me because she had to potty. She woke up dry this morning.

We have no idea where this is going. We haven't read a book or researched it at all (so not like us). I think this is one of those things that really isn't about us or how we do it. She was ready to try it - so she did.

We aren't getting rid of the diapers or changing table yet. We will just see how it goes.


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Laurie said...

Wow!! What a smart cookie!